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  Marketplace List

Smart Phone Case
* iPhone 5 -Black
* iPhone 5 -White
* iPhone 5 - Color
* iPhone 5 -Clear
* iPhone 5 Folio Case
* iPad 3/4 Hardshell
  * iPad 3/4 Smart Cover
  * iPad 3  Flip Case
  * iPad Mini Flip Case
  * iPad Mini Flip 360 Case
  * iPad Mini Folio Case
* iPad 3/4 Case (white)
* iPad 3/4 Case (Black)
* iPad 3/4 Folio Case
* Galaxy S3 Folio Case
* Galaxy Note2 Folio Case
* iPhone 4/4s-Black
* iPhone 4/4s-White
* iPhone 4 -Black
* iPhone 4 - White
* iPhone 4 - Clear
* iPhone 4 - Color
* iPad Mini
* iPad Mini Black
* iPad Mini White
* Netbook Case
  * iPhone R Battery
Gadget Hardshell
* iPhone 5 Silicone
* iPhone 5 with Stand
* iPhone 5
* iPhone 5 Silicon
* iPhone 5 Classic
* iPhone 4/4S
* iPhone4/4S  Tough
  * iPod Touch 5
  * iPod Touch 5 with stand
  * iPod Touch 4G
* Galaxy Note 2
* Galaxy Note
* Galaxy S III
* Galaxy S III (Black)
* Galaxy S III (White)
* Galaxy S III Silicon
* Galaxy S III Classic
* Galaxy S II i9100
* Galaxy S II Skyrocket
* Galaxy Nexus i9250
* Samsung Infuse 4G
* Galaxy S i9000
* Galaxy Nexus S i9020
* Galaxy S i9008
* Galaxy Ace S5830
* Galaxy SL i9003
* Galaxy Tab 7" P1000
* Galaxy Tab 10.1" P7500
  * Galaxy Tab 8.9" P7300
  * Samsung S3350
  * BlackBerry 10 (Z10)
  * BlackBerry Curve 8520
  * BlackBerry Curve 9300
  * BlackBerry Torch 9800
  * BlackBerry Torch 9810
  * BlackBerry Bold 9700
  * BlackBerry Curve 9380
  * LG Optimus 3D P920
  * LG Thrill 4G P925
  * LG Optimus P970
  * HTC 920E
  * HTC T328W
  * HTC 8 X
  * HTC One X
  * HTC One S
  * HTC Amaze 4G
  * HTC Evo 3D
  * HTC Sensation XL
* HTC Desire HD
  * HTC Desire S
  * HTC One V
  * Motorola Droid  XT912
  * Motorola Droid X / X2
  * Ericsson Xperia Arc
* Ericsson Xperia S
* Kindle Fire
* Kindle Touch 3G
  * Battery for iPhone
Bag and Case
  * Messenger Bag
  * Office Handbag 1
  * Office Handbag 2
  * Shoulder Handbag
* Handbag (One Side)
* Handbag (Two Sides)
  * Bucket Bag
* Shoulder Clutch Bag
* School Bag (Small)
* School Bag (Large)
* Backpack Bag
  * Chain Purse (1 Side)
* Chain Purse (1 Sides)
* Shoulder Sling Bag
* Girls Sling Bag
  * Classic Tote Bag
* Classic Tote Bag 2
* Tote Bag
* TwoTone Tote Bag
* Tote Bag (Red)
  * Accent Tote Bag
* Striped Tote Bag
* Recycle Bag (1 Side)
* Recycle Bag (2 Side)
  * Mini Toiletries Bag 1
  * Mini Toiletries Bag 2
* Toiletries Bag 1
* Toiletries Bag 2
  * Cosmetic Bag (S)
  * Cosmetic Bag (M)
  * Cosmetic Bag (L)
  * Cosmetic Bag (XL)
  * Cosmetic Bag (XXL)
  * Cosmetic Bag (XXXL)
* Mini Makeup Bag
* Mini Coin Purse
  * Coin Purse
* Pencil Case
* Camera Leather Case
* Digital Camera Case
  * 20-CD Wallet
* Jewelry Bag
* PSP Case
* NDS Lite Case
Home and Office
* Clock
* Watch
  * Sport Watch (S)
  * Sport Watch (M)
  * Sport Watch (L)
* Cushion Case (1-Side)
* Cushion Case (2 Sides)
* Cushion Case (L-1 Side)
  * Cushion Case (L-2-Side)
* Pillow Case
* Pillow Case (2- Sides)
  * Body Pillow Case
* Body Pillow Case 2S
* Throw Pillow Case
* Framed Tile
  * Fleece Blanket (Mini)
  * Blanket (Mini 2Sides)
* Fleece Blanket (M)
* Fleece Blanket (L)
  * Garden Flag (S)
  * Garden Flag (L)
  * Playing Cards
  * Playing Cards (Mini)
  * Playing Cards 54 (mini)
  * Playing Cards 54 Designs
* Playing Cards 54 Heart
* Multipurpose Card (Rec)
  * MultiPurpose Card ♥
* Business Card Holder
* Lady's Flip Flops
* Kid's Flip Flops
  * BBQ Apron
* Full Print Apron
* Storage Stool 12"
* Sleeping Mask
* Coaster
* ile Coaster
* Porcelain Plate
* Doormat (Small)
* Doormat (Large)
* Plate Mat
* Bar Mat (M)
* Bar Mat (L)
* Shower Curtain (L)
* Shower Curtain (M)
* Shower Curtain (S)
* Shower Curtain (Mini)
  * Folding Umbrella (S)
  * Folding Umbrella
  * Umbrella (S)
  * Umbrella (M)
  * Umbrella (L)
  * Golf Umbrella 
  * Teddy Bear
  * License Plate Frame
  * Car Window Sign
  * Key Chain
  * Nail Clippers Key Chain
  * Poker Card Guard
  * PokerCard Guard 10
  * Luggage Tag ( 1 side)
  * Luggage Tag ( 2 sides)
* Dog Tag
* Money Case
* Hip Flask (5 oz)
* Hip Flask (6 oz)
* Flip Top Lighter
* Money Clip (Round)
* Money Clip (CZ)
* Money Clip Watch
* Money Clip (Oval)
* 3-in-1 Golf Divot 
* Golf Ball Marker
* Golf Ball Marker (4)
* Golf Ball Marker (10)
* Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
* Hat Clip Ball Marker
* Hat Clip Ball Marker (4)
* Hat Clip Ball Marker(10)
* Ornament
* White Mug
* Morph Mug
* Night Luminous Mug
* Travel Mug (White)
* Travel Mug (Silver)
* Rubber Stamp
* Small Memo Pads
* Large Memo Pads
* 5.5" x 8.5" Notebook
* Letter Opener
* Book Mark
* Mousepad 
* Collage R Mousepad
* Mousepad (Heart) 
*  4-Port USB Hub
*  4-Port USB Hub (2 S) 
* 3-Port USB Hub 
* Optical Mouse
* Wireless Mouse 
* Memory Reader
* DogTag USB (2 Sides)
* DogTag USB (1 Side) 
* Portable Speaker Black
* Portable SpeakerWhite
* 2" Handbag Mirror
* 3" Handbag Mirror
* Bottle Opener Key Chain
* Measuring Tape
* Jigsaw Puzzle
* Magic Photo Cube
Clothing & Accessory
* Wallet
* Long Wallet
* Necktie (One Side)
* Necktie (Two Side) 
* Cufflinks (Oval)
* Cufflinks (Square)
* Belt Buckle
* 1" Button Necklace
* 1" Button Earrings 
*  White Cap
* Black Cap
* White Thong
* Low Rise Thong 
* Lady's T-Shirt 
* Lady's Yellow T-Shirt
* Lady's Green T-Shirt 
* Lady Dark T-Shirt
* Long Sleeve Dark T
* Lady's Black T-Shirt
* Lady  Black T (2 Sides)
* Lady's Cap Sleeve T 
* Cap Sleeve T-Shirt 
* Lady Ringer T-Shirt
* Maternity White T
* Maternity Black T 
* Lady's Tank Top
* Lady's Pink Tank Top
* Lady's Blue Tank Top
* Lady Yellow Tank Top
* Lady Green Tank Top
* Lady Dark Tank Top
* Lady Black Tank Top
* Ladies Camisole
* White Spaghetti Tank
* Blue Spaghetti Tank
* Yellow Spaghetti Tank
* Green Spaghetti Tank
* Dark Spaghetti Tank
* Black Spaghetti Tank
* Girly Raglan 
* White T-Shirt
* Long Sleeve T-Shirt
* Green T-Shirt 
* Dark T-Shirt
* Long Sleeve DarK T
* Black T-Shirt
* Black T (2 Sides)
* Ringer T
* Golf Shirt
* Bib
* Infant Creeper 
* Infant/Toddler T 
* Kids White T 
* Kids Long Sleeve T
* Kids Baseball Jersey 
* Dog T-Shirt 
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Frequently Ask Questions

About Us
What is
What products are available?
Design and Buy
How to personalize products and buy?
How to ensure the printing quality?
How big can my photos be printed?
How to find out my image's dimensions?
How long does shipping normally take?
What are our shipping methods and rates?
Returns and Refunds
  What are our returns policy and procedures?
  What are the payment methods we accept?

What is (Go to the top of FAQs)  is a platform for quality custom products. We use leading edge technology to enable customers to design, buy, and sell their custom products. Our revolutionary technology takes the guess work out of personalization by allowing customers to see what the gifts look like before theybuy it. We will make your orders on-demand, typically within 24 hours. We ship worldwide!
What products are available? (Go to the top of FAQs)
        You will find thousands of designs and millions of customizable products in the Market Place. We have more than 500 different types of product including photo blanket, iphone case, photo books, photo calendars, photo canvas, photo buttons, photo magnets, photo stickers, photo mugs, custom T-shirts, custom mouse pads, photo bags, custom watches, custom tank tops, custom aprons, and much more.
How to personalize products and buy? (Go to the top of FAQs)
        *  Search designs and products from Market Place. The Market Place is central location to exhibit the designs from our member stores. You can also customize the products in the way you like, such as adding text.
        *  Use Design Your Own. If you are unable to find any designs that matches your needs, you can create your own using the Design Your Own tool.
       Once you have designed a product, you can add it to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
        An order confirmation email will be sent to you once checkout is completed.
How to ensure printing quality? (Go to the top of FAQs)

Using the images with required sizes (dimensions) is the key to get high quality product.  Each product has its image size requirement. There are three ways to find the image size requirements:

  1. In Design Your Own, double click on the product you want to design, you will see the Ideal Image Size in Pixels requirement, which is at the bottom of the product description. 
  2. In Market Place, double click the product you like and then click on Customize button, you will see the Ideal Image Size in Pixels requirement
  3. Or, you can also find the recommended image sizes and templates from the list HERE.
How big can my photos be printed? (Go to the top of FAQs)
  The recommended image formats are JPG & PNG.


Low resolution images may print poorly especially when enlarged. We recommend at least 150 PPI (Pixels per inch). The table below will give some general ideas about how big your image can be printed. For example, if your image is 6 mp, the largest printable size is 20" x 13" @ 150ppi.

Mega Pixels

Image size in pixels (Dimensions)

Print Size @300ppi

Print size @200ppi

Print size @150ppi

3 MP

2048 x 1536

7" x 5"

10" x 8"

14" x 10"

4 MP

2464 x 1632

8" x 5"

12" x 8"

16" x 11"

6 MP

3008 x 2000

10" x 7"

15" x 10"

20" x 13"

8 MP

3264 x 2448

11" x 8"

16" x 12"

22" x 16"

10 MP

3872 x 2592

13" x 9"

19" x 13"

26" x 17"

12 MP

4290 x 2800

14" x 9"

21" x 14"

29" x 19"

16 MP

4920 x 3264

16" x 19"

25" x 16"

33" x 22"

18 MP

5184 x 3456

17" x 12"

26" x 17"

35" x 23"

35mm film, scanned

5380 x 3620

18" x 12"

27" x 18"

36" x 24"

24 MP

6048 x 4032

20" x 13"

30" x 20"

40" x 27"

How to find out my image's dimensions? (Go to the top of FAQs)

Each photo has its dimensions or size. There are two ways to find out the dimensions of a image in your computer:

1.       Mouse over the image, you will see a popup text box with the dimension information.

2.       Or, you can right click on the image, select Property, go to Summary, and then click on Advance

How long does shipping normally take? (Go to the top of FAQs)
  We understand how important it is to deliver your goods within the promised time. Since we make orders on-demand, we will need two working days to process and ship your orders. It will take take 8 to 12 business days for USPS shipments and 4 to 6 business days for FedEx shipments.
  When your goods have been dispatched, our system will automatically send you an email to inform you of the tracking number (if applicable).
What are our shipping methods and rates? (Go to the top of FAQs)
  We primarily use two shipping services: USPS and FedEx. We ship worldwide. We use fix shipping rates  for all shipping locations.
What are our returns policy and procedures? (Go to the top of FAQs)
  Return is easy. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase from, we will be happy to exchange your product or refund the purchase price. However, refunds and exchanges are only issued during the 30 days following your purchase date. Shipping charges are non-refundable.
  For exchange or refund, please go to  Exchange or Return  in the Help Page to submit the Return Form and see the return instructions and the return address of our distribution center.
What are the payment methods we accept? (Go to the top of FAQs)

We accept many forms of online payments through Paypal.  Paypal allows you to shop online without exposing your financial information; it is the most secure method of payment.

Notes for Customers: 

We encourage our customers compare our prices, qualities, and services with other companies. 

We provide more than 500 different types of custom gifts. You can find your personalized gifts here for all occasions including Back to School, Summer Fun, Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Easter, April Fools, Assistants Day, Teacher’s Day, Nurse’s Day, Memorial Day, Friendship Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanks Giving, and others 

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Our hot personalized products and gift ideas include personalized hardshell cases for various iPhone and other gadgets, blanket, cufflinks, clock, watches, SUB, belt buckle, golf accessories, letter opener, book mark, umbrellas, photo book and lots more. See the marketplace (left panel) for detailed list.

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